Bird Sense

Winner of both The Independent nature book of the year 2012, cialis and The Guardian natural history book of the year, 2012. A winner also of the British Birds and British Trust for Ornithology BIRD BOOK OF THE YEAR 2012. and short-listed for the Royal Society Winton Science Book Prize.


What is it like to be a bird? After decades of watching and studying birds I began to realise that there was much more going on in a bird’s brain than we give them credit for. Birds see better and differently from us; their sense of smell, touch and taste are much better than we have so far imagined. Certain birds possess senses, like echolocation and the ability to detect distant rain, that we can hardly begin to imagine. For some reason we have weight loss and an oddly limited sense of what it is like to be a bird. My aim in writing Bird Sense is to rectify that and in doing so, to change the way we think about birds.

Bird Sense Cover

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